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Zoo Med PowerSun UV 160 Watt Mercury Vapor Bulb

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160 watt Powersun Mercury Vapor Bulb

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The PowerSun UV™ is a self-ballasted mercury vapor lamp which emits UVA, UVB and heat all in one lamp! Fits into a standard ceramic socket. (No ballast needed.) The 160 Watt projects UVB up to several feet from the lamp’s surface and is ideal for large terrariums or bird aviaries. Features include quality nickel plated threads to prevent against corrosion, and a full one year warranty! This is a 110V bulb for North America.

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Product Manual (pdf)

Item Number: PUV-10
Wattage: 160W
Item Number: PUV-11
Wattage: 100W


More info:

Rethinking Reptile Lighting

UVB Light Distance


1 Year


Q: Can I use the rheostat/thermostat with a Reptisun, Avian Sun or Power Sun UV?
A: These lamps need specific line voltages;  they cannot be used with dimmers/rheostats.


Q: How can I get the maximum out of a lamp?
A: Minimizing handling: lamps that get moved or vibrated burn out quickly.  Make sure that the fixture isnt being moved regularly.  It is best to use a quality ceramic socket, not a plastic socket.  You can check your fixture by unplugging it and looking at the metal tab in the center - where the bulb screws in.  This tab can be pulled slightly forward to ensure that it makes a good contact with the bulb.


Q: Does this lamp emit UVB?
A: Yes! This lamp provides the full visible spectrum as well as UVA and UVB.  What is UVB and why does my reptile need it?


Q: How often should this lamp be replaced?
A: This lamp will provide optimum levels of UVB for 12 months so it should be replaced once a year.


Q: How long should I leave this lamp on each day?
A: This lamp should be on for 10 - 12 hours a day to maintain your animals day and night cycle.



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